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JBR is a creative production and consulting company focused on authorship, game development, and content creation.

Who we are

JBR was founded by author and game developer Jacob Robinson with the belief that, giventhe right tools, skills, and network, any artists today can make a reasonable independent living on their work.

How we help

JBR is separated into three different divisions: Productions, Consulting, and Community. Productions funds projects we think our neat, Consulting provides free, paid, and personalized help to creators, and Community is our free platform for artists to share and collaborate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is JBR?
JBR is a creative agency made up of three different branches: JBR Community, JBR Productions, and JBR Consulting. JBR Community provides open spaces for creatives to share their work, as well as create events, contests, and more. JBR Productions is JBR's publication wing, which currently focuses on producing and distributing books, video games, and Youtube/Twitch content. JBR Consulting is focused on making courses for artists to learn more about the business side of creative entrepreneurship, as well as providing personalized development for larger clients.

Who made JBR?
JBR is created by Jacob Robinson. You can find out about him more by going to his official website. In addition to being founder, he is also -- as of August 16th, 2022 -- JBR's only employee. We apologize in advance for any clerical errors Jacob may make.

Does JBR only offer paid content?
No. In fact, the only truly "paid" content JBR provides comes from the JBR Consulting branch. All JBR communities are free for anyone to join, and our tools page contains a large list of free to use databases and content.

What do I get out of JBR Courses?
JBR Courses are modular documents on various topics within business and creative development, and are constantly updated with newer and expanded information.

What's the difference between buying a JBR Courses subscription and buying each one separately? 
A JBR Courses subscription grants you access to all courses at once, rather than having to buy each one separately. A subscription also gives you other features, like a premium role in our Discord community and access to exclusive webinars and events. We recommend buying separately if you want to get a very specific piece of information, otherwise get the subscription if you want the full package.

Does JBR do crypto/NFTs?
JBR does not create crypto nor NFTs. We support NFT creators but do not recommend NFT creation to our clients. You can learn more about our stance on NFT and crypto here.

Is JBR related to ML/AI art generation?
While we do evangelize the use of image/text/audio generation to help augment and improve an artist's productivity, like with NFTs it is not necessarily our "gimmick". Rather, AI generation is just one of the many tools we recommend to artists. It is also worth noting that many parts of ML/AI art are still too early in development to be used practically by larger scale studios.

Is JBR hiring?
We are not hiring at this time. Those who would like to follow us for hiring updates can check out our LinkedIn page.

I would like to add something to one of the free databases JBR offers. How do I do that?
We do not yet have a form for people to submit new content to our tools, but plan to have one up in the future. In the meantime you can request it informally by emailing jacob@jbr-holdings.com.

I would like to remove my name from the Commission Artist Database. How do I do that?
Email jacob@jbr-holdings.com with your name as it appears in the database. Please give around 24-48 hours for takedown requests to be completed.

I would like to remove myself from one of JBR's Twitter lists. How do I do that?
DM @jbr-holdings on Twitter with the account you have in the list, and the names of any and all lists you'd like to be removed from. Please give around 24-48 hours for takedown requests to be completed.

Does JBR publish anything?
We currently publish books, videogames, and sponsor Youtube and Twitch creators through JBR Productions.

How to I go about pitching my work to JBR Productions?
Please submit the form on the productions page. We check submissions roughly once a month and will get back to you if we think we can help you with your project.

What info does JBR gather on creators?
As part of our marketing strategy, we gather public info on social media and email accounts for creators. Unlike other companies, JBR's data gathering is public, consisting of our Twitter Lists which are available for anyone to follow and access.

What does JBR do with the info it gathers?
JBR sometimes shares the work of artists, as well as emails/messages them to know about JBR's offerings. We have a strict "one message" policy where we will not message a second time if the individual has not expressed interest to the first email (aka no more "Just checking to see if you saw my last message...")

I found a post belonging to JBR that does not credit my work. How do I get it credited? 
We are very serious about crediting artist's work, and try to minimize our "surface area" of mistakenly not giving credit, or giving credit to the wrong person. That being said, it can happen. If you do notice a mistake, please email jacob@jbr-holdings.com so that we can update the post. You may also request a takedown of the content in general. Please give around 24-48 hours for updates or takedown requests to be completed.

What is JBR Productions usual terms? 
We try our best to offer above-average terms to all creators under our Productions portfolio. All terms are negotiable, but we tend to offer a 70/30 revenue share after production costs have been recouped. Artists also retain all IP rights of work published by JBR Productions, unless developed in-house.

I don't have a Discord. How else can I join JBR Community?
In addition to our Discord community, we are also working on a Facebook Group and Subreddit community. As of August 16th, 2022, these other communities are still in development.

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