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JBR is a creative production and consulting company focused on authorship, game development, and content creation.

Who we are

JBR was founded by author and game developer Jacob Robinson with the belief that, giventhe right tools, skills, and network, any artists today can make a reasonable independent living on their work.

How we help

JBR is separated into three different divisions: Productions, Consulting, and Community. Productions funds projects we think our neat, Consulting provides free, paid, and personalized help to creators, and Community is our free platform for artists to share and collaborate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is JBR?
JBR is a creative agency made up of three different branches: JBR Community, JBR Productions, and JBR Consulting. JBR Community provides open spaces for creatives to share their work, as well as create events, contests, and more. JBR Productions is JBR's publication wing, which currently focuses on producing and distributing books, video games, and Youtube/Twitch content. JBR Consulting is focused on making courses for artists to learn more about the business side of creative entrepreneurship, as well as providing personalized development for larger clients.

Who made JBR?
JBR is created by Jacob Robinson. You can find out about him more by going to his official website. In addition to being founder, he is also -- as of January 26th, 2023 -- JBR's only employee. We apologize in advance for any clerical errors Jacob may make.

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